Hello beautiful people!  Welcome to Wishing Well Nutrition!  I am tickled pink to announce that my website is officially up and running and this blog has come straight from my fingertips through cyberspace delivered to you strictly for your entertainment (and, naturally, for the love of education!).  This website was started about a year ago and now it has finally come to fruition.  I do believe that my timing is impeccable!  In addition to this technological step in time, I have also acquired Facebook!  So please, do what people do, LIKE ME!  Many of you who know me might be surprised that I have joined the ranks of FB, but since Y2K and the 2012 demise of the world did not occur, I finally decided to give in and
see what the general public was doing behind closed doors.  Did I mention that I “tweet” as well???  Oh…the world we live
    Speaking of beautiful people…I do need to extend my absolute gratitude, thanks, and LOVE for all of the love and support which has been showered upon me. Without my family and incredible friends (you know who you are, you super
special people!), my journey would not be what it is and for this I can’t thank you all enough. 
    Now on to other news…I want to offer another thank you to Shirley of Heritage Organic Farms (the first organic farm
in Georgia back in 1980!) for hosting such a lovely evening at her home in Guyton, Georgia.  Last night, I was invited as a guest and left as the newest member of Coastal Organic Growers (COG).  Please feel free to check out their website www.coastalorganicgrowers.com.  Shirley and the rest of the gang are an amazing and dedicated group of individuals who are leading the organic and non-GMO farming movement in Coastal Georgia, middle Georgia, and the
South Carolina Low Country.  Aside from spreading the seeds of knowledge, they are growing, harvesting, and selling beautiful produce and specialty crops. Thank you again to all of the members of COG for the absolute delicious, organic home cookin’ and great conversation.
    For all of you Southern folk, COG is pleased to announce that they’re hosting a free event at the Emma Kelly Theater in Statesboro, Georgia on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 5:30pm.  The evening will consist of a light organic, non-GMO reception, the showing of the documentary, Genetic Roulette, followed by a Q&A session.  It will be awesome so please join us!
    Regardless of your plans, please tune in again for Wishing Well~ness Wednesdays where I will blog about the latest and greatest.  
     Until then…I wish you all optimum health and happiness.
                                                                                                                                                                                Take care,
                                                                                                                                                                                Stacy xoxo  


09/12/2013 8:24pm

That is awesome, I love the Emma Kelly theater.

09/16/2013 8:56am

God is Great!!! How God was able to package so much Brains, Beauty and Ability into one person is simply Divine Engineering. You are an example of how more of us should be. Mucho Besos


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