If apple cider vinegar (ACV) could wear a cape, I would consider it a super hero!  This bottle of beneficial goodness can be used for a plethora of personal, pet, and household purposes.
    ACV is by no means "the new kid on the block."  It has been used for centuries and has had no reason to falter in popularity.  ACV is born from a multi-tiered process.  First, one needs to ferment apple juice to hard apple cider (might feel the hankering to try a gulp or two, huh?  Go ahead, we'll call it multi-tasking).  Next, a second fermentation process needs to happen in order to complete the conversion to ACV.  
    I always recommend Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.  It is cold-pressed and derived from organically grown whole apples.  This makes it a supreme choice considering apples are one of the most heavily sprayed crops and by going this route you will also meet "the Mother."  
    "The Mother" is usually found floating around on the bottom of the bottle.  It is a "cobwebby" looking thing that is the enzymes of connected protein molecules.  It is literally alive!  ACV is full of living nutrients and beneficial bacteria.  These raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria are fantastic for keeping the body in optimal health.
    Here are a few, amazing beneficial uses for ACV (typically 1Tablespoon diluted in water or tea is the way to go):
  • Gas, bloating, & heartburn: Do us all a favor and take half an hour before a meal diluted in water or tea.
  • Diabetes: Go ahead, lower your glucose levels.  I dare ya!
  • Weight Loss: Bathing suit season is always right around the corner.
  • Candida (yeast overgrowth): Fight those yeastie beasties!
  • Hair: Who doesn't want to beat the frizz?
  • Skin: Dry out those zits.  It acts as an astringent and can reduce inflammation for those of you who suffer from psoriasis.
  • Sunburn: Lookin' like a lobster?  Chill out the burn by diluting it on a cloth or pouring a cupful into a bath.
  • Deodorant: Just straight up rub it on those stinky pits!
  • Mouthwash: Dragon breath no more!
  • Foot soak: Just finished workin' a double?  Soothe those swollen feet in a bath of ACV.
  • Cleaning solution: Get scrubbin' with a 1:1 ratio of ACV to water in a spray bottle.
and the list goes on...
    So why not let apple cider vinegar come to your rescue and save the day???
                                                                                                                            Wishing you the best of health and happiness,
                                                                                                                                                              Stacy xoxo



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