Whoever said that turnips aren't sexy certainly didn't know what they were talking about! Turnip season is upon us and after my first official harvest of the season, I thought that I owed tribute to this nutritious and delicious root vegetable. This cruciferous veggie is in the same family as kale, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts (just to name a few of my favorites) and it is action packed with nutritional benefits.

A few winning attributes are its propensity for weight loss and management due to the turnip being a low calorie food. Also, it is a cancer fighter thanks to its antioxidant properties. Additionally, it is chock full of fiber, as well as, vitamins and minerals.

Turnips hold an abundance of vitamin C which is great for the immune system, excellent for skin, prevention of cardiovascular issues, beneficial for the eyes, and helps with the absorption of calcium. Calcium weighs heavy in this often forgotten underdog of the veggie world contributing to bone health. Vitamin A, B, and K also shine in this edible tuber, as well as, potassium, copper, iron, and manganese.

And...let's not forget about those super, green turnip tops! The greens contain a fantastic source of calcium, even surpassing milk. In addition to all of the same nutrients that the actual tuber embodies, the tops also consist of carotenoids, xanthin, and lutein (the latter being awesome for eye health and the two former are antioxidants, as well as, beneficial for hair, the immune system, and heart health). Just a little tip: the turnips will stay fresher for longer by removing the tops (the greens tend to rob nutrients from the turnip itself).

So...enjoy this versatile veggie raw (best when young and tender), in stews, pickled, roasted, or blend it up in order to savor a healthy glass of turnip juice. Please note that, if juicing, do not drink alone. It is best if combined with a source of magnesium (such as dark, leafy greens) to help in the absorption of calcium. Also, tossing in some carrots will definitely improve the flavor. This liquid wonder has been known to combat rheumatoid arthritis, lung issues such as asthma, bad skin, as well as, circulatory, liver, and bladder problems.

What are you waiting for???!!!??? Did I mention that this is a cool season crop?? Get it while you can!

                                                                                                                                 Wishing you the best of health and happiness,

                                                                                                                                                                  Stacy xoxo       


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