To be or not to be vegetarian? This is the question. There has been much debate over the years of whether or not vegetarianism is the way to go. As always, my school of thought is that EVERY BODY is different and each of our magnificent "temples" require different foods to run optimally. With this being said, a plant-based diet has proven to be beneficial for all, and whether or not you add some lean, animal protein to this protocol is up to you.

People often worry that they will not be able to obtain enough protein without eating meat, but this is far from true. There are fantastic, protein-packed vegetarian options such as beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds, eggs, and dairy products.

Aside from a vegetarian diet being delicious and nutritious, there are many health benefits, as well. According to The Atlantic, "A plant based diet can lower your blood pressure." Additionally, it is easier to attain weight loss, increase longevity, decrease the risk of food borne illnesses, ease the symptoms of menopause, enable regular bowel health, increase energy since the body does not need to expend so much on digestion, and reduce pollution.

If these reasons aren't enough to make you ponder, check out the article, "Why Go Veg?" at http://www.vegetariantimes.com/article/why-go-veg-learn-about-becoming-a-vegetarian/. They do a great job of divulging not only the health benefits, but the environmental benefits, as well, of a plant- based diet. They report that "An estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are related to diet."

If this isn't food for thought, I don't know what is. Regardless, how ever you choose to nourish your body, remember that "knowledge is power" and don't forget to eat your veggies!

                                                                                                                             Wishing you all the best of health and happiness,

                                                                                                                                                                  Stacy xoxo 


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